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    Hi, I Am Chaiya Sherman

    I am a doctor of Acupuncture and Eastern medicine. Working in complementary health care since 1995, I turned my vision to Eastern philosophy a few years earlier. I work in a private clinic and see patients for pain, women’s health, chronic care and more. The Western lifestyle doesn’t lead to good nutrition or mental health in many cases and that was true for me too. Despite my academic and professional success, I soon found myself at sea with all of the conflicting data and choices that come with a free marketplace. I watched as my weight ballooned on Paleo, lost weight with intermittent fasting, and earned a fatty liver and gallstones with keto. This website chronicles my journey and my understanding of Eastern medicine as I lose the weight and heal myself for good with food and herbal nutrition.

    Nothing said herein should replace your doctor’s advice and I will always tell you to strike a conversation with your providers. Your specific health requires conversation with your healthcare providers. I aim only to be a source of information of what is possible and what has worked for me. Welcome to my little world where traditional medicine meets science, where modern life meets ancient wisdom, and where we can have a conversation.


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    What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

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    – Develop meal plans
    – Nutritional science research
    – Clients health needs
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